Quote of the day
24 Oct 2008
"In recent years, virtual lives have had consequences in the real world."

This story makes my brain hurt....
Quote of the day: May 14
14 May 2008
Jessica: I hate IE. Truly.
Justin: I agree. But there's a reason why the whole world eats Mcdonalds. It's near-free and on every corner.

I've decided that Justin needs to write a book titled:

I have a metaphor for everything
My mind constructs dioramas for every idea I ever have
by Justin Jewett
Quote of the Day: Mar 24
24 Mar 2008
"Dear Diary: In the mall I pass a clothing store. A colorful T-shirt is on a mannequin in the window. The message on the T-shirt says “No Fear.” I break through the window with my hands and shred the T-shirt into pieces. I am not being made fun of by this clothing."

From the Morning News: The Occasional Diary Entries of German Director Werner Herzog
Quote of the Day: Mar 14
14 Mar 2008
Justin and I had conversation like this today about trying to keep all your music libraries organized:

Justin: "I mean, when is the last time you even THOUGHT about de la soul? And here I apparently have like six of their albums."

Jessica: "More than you would think."

Justin: "Yeah, it's cyclical for me. I have a pretty extensive knowledge of it, but I've been mostly metal for about 5 years. I should make a shirt: MOSTLY METAL."
Quote of the Day: Mar 4
4 Mar 2008
There's a dance studio next door to our office, out of which floats sounds of Irish step dancing, polkas, and if you're lucky, sometimes the whole soundtrack to "Dirty Dancing." Today, it was a kid-oriented class, and we hear on of the instructors knock on the bathroom door, looking for a youngin' who'd gone missing...

"Darren, are you in there? I just wanted to make sure you hadn't fallen in."
Quote of the Day: Feb 29
29 Feb 2008
Debra asked if Robyn was Miley Cyrus and Jocelyn and I got mad. I said, "she's cute and British, you have to like her" and then Jocelyn said, "no, she's Swedish."

Then Debra said, "oh I'm Swedish so I like other Swedes."

Then Jocelyn said: "well, your swedar is isn't so sweet" Read More
Quote of the Day: Feb 25
25 Feb 2008
"Is this why people say 'maybe' when they mean 'yes,' but hope you'll think it's 'no' when all they really mean is, Please, just ask me once more, and once more after that?"

-Call Me By Your Name, André Aciman
Quote of the Day: Feb 22
22 Feb 2008
I was talking to Justin about the snow storm that happened today and he started in on how living in an arctic climate is the safest place from zombies. You see "zombies freeze and then you can snipe them". That's not the quote though, because at the end of the conversation I said "Well, I gotta go grease my sniper rifle" and then he said...wait for it...

"Just remember Jessica, you never have to reload knives."
22 Feb 2018
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