Words & Pictures
15 Apr 2009
Our esteemed colleague and design navigator, Jocelyn K. Glei, just christened the hull on her new website, jkglei.com. Hop on board and share in her personal experience with words and pictures... or just drop her a line.

Question: How many bad boat metaphors is too many?

Burkman Bros. Site Launch
5 Feb 2009
We recently designed and launched a richly-layered website for new fashion label Burkman Bros. We loved their elegantly lived-in Spring/Summer '09 collection, filled with beautiful plaids and oxford-lined shorts, and it's been taking off — with glowing notices from GQ, Details, and DNR. This week, the collection landed at Barneys and apparently it's flying off the racks. Learn more about the site here, and stay tuned for our work on their Fall '09 Lookbook.
Archive of the Weird, Wacky & Beautiful
3 Feb 2009
From men in "pugnacious puffy pants" (see left: sweet club, dude) in a 16th century book on the athletic arts to the surgical illustrations that inspired Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, bookworm blogger Paul uncovers obscure and amazing images that are inspiring (or amusing) us daily. BibliOdyssey.
Last Seen
5 Dec 2008
We've been digging the simple geometric-ness of the '60s- and '70s-era cover designs showcased on this lovely book jacket blog.
A little obsessed with posters
18 Jul 2008
I am currently a little obsessed with posters. My recent poster find is Jason Munn at the Small Stakes.

He brings a beauty and minimalism to today's usually overraught music posters that I am really identifying with.

I find that it's much more difficult to create singular powerful images than it is to create a whole frenetic landscape of visuals. It's quite refreshing really.
Loving the Bread Tags as Jewlery
25 Jun 2008
Oh how the simple and seemingly mundane can be flipped on their head...

Check out these bread tags that have been cleverly turned into necklaces and rings by one Melanie Favreau. I am all about them. You know, the plastic bag bread cincheroos.

It looks as though she'll even customize what she puts on it, as in the date or words. I would stick with number though, since it's the most literal and awesome reference. You don't want to clutter up all that minimal genius.

Via Reuben Miller
There's Value in Everything
25 Jun 2008
Painter Adam Neate gives great insight into his creative process and the idea of letting go of your creations once you've made them...

Creating for the act of creation is indeed a great concept.

And learning that there is value in everything you do, is also, quite spot on.

Good design does good things.
28 May 2008
A good friend of Groundwave brought our attention to an amazing new organization that's bringing about social change. It's called The Girl Effect. The design is lovely and the cause is quite simply...incredible.

It's great to see design lend itself to such a noble cause and to do it in such a minimal and innovative way. The logo and the accessible typography are my favorites. We're chomping at the bit to do some design work that makes a difference. Read More
Blu Is the New Black
23 May 2008
Last week we were digging this pretty impressive (if only from a strategic planning standpoint) evolution graffiti art. But then that obsession was quickly crushed by this *insane* stop-animation/graffiti video MUTO from South American artist Blu. We're still trying to pick our jaws up off the floor.
Common Machine Identity = Conquered.
19 May 2008
Common Machine Productions wanted a logo that had a vintage vibe but still felt fresh (because, who doesn't?). We made it happen. See the results, signed, sealed and delivered.
Jauna Gaita...
14 May 2008
Now on the inspiration board at GWAV HQ, are the amazing covers of Jauna Gaita (the new course), a Latvian magazine from the 1950s-70s. Most of the covers are quite simply...killer. Minimal, with great movement and shape, I want them all hanging on my wall.

Many thanks to Grain Edit for bringing it to our attention.
La Lutte Continue!
28 Apr 2008
Most folks in the design community are already aware of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters (and we ourselves have one here in the office), but that's not all that London's KC gallery is up to. They're expanding their collection/inventory of hand-pulled posters all the time, and one of the latest additions is a new poster series inspired by images unearthed from the 1968 Paris uprising, which sees its 40th anniversary next month. Perfect for Mother's Day! (Joking.)
Marc Johns Post-It note drawings
24 Mar 2008
You must check out the super hilariousness that is Marc Johns Post-It note drawings. We find it totally impossible to claim a favorite.

I could see myself wallpapering the office with these.
One of our favorite logos of all time....
20 Mar 2008
C.B.C. Canadian Broadcasting Corp. logo. What else can you say? They were, and remain on point with this one. Now i will have to get themes for Hockey Night in Canada, Dr. Who, and The Littlest Hobo out of my head.
Oh hello there!
11 Mar 2008
It's been a long time coming, but finally we've had a moment to launch our own site after ages of pushing it to the back burner! So here it is in all it's wonderful glory and we. are. loving it. We're keen to hear what you think, just holler at us.

Design Inspiration
11 Mar 2008
I was trolling around some of my favorite design sites and stumbled across a great inspiration resource called Grain Edit. They showcase classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and contemporary designers that draw inspiration from that time period.

I was specifically taken with the Pino Tovaglia design book. The classic typography, icon work and posters are just too damn good for words, that's the point after all isn't it? To not have to describe things in words, but visually...well, he does it and his classicism and versatility would go head to head with any designer of this day and age.
10 Mar 2008
Part of being a good designer is keeping up with the latest news from other design houses 'round your way. In my browsing of late, I noted that the design and illustration firm, ilovedust from across the pond, just recently relaunched their site as well.

I first learned about them when I was doing artist curation a few years back and their vibrant illustrations and quirky tag lines stuck in my head. And, for sure, me likey but, I have to say, I hate all that darn FLASH in the portfolio section. Their work is too good for me to have to wait for it to load.

I think they surely could have done an equally amazing site using standard html and a few crafty scripting tricks. Hmm, maybe we should be friends and trade secrets. Yes, I should go to England expressly to meet them, well, that and to get some biscuits with clotted cream 'n jam.
StreetPeeper, no. 1 on Google search
6 Mar 2008
StreetPeeper is now showing up the no. 1 search result for 'street fashion'. It's nice to see that hard work pay off.

And by hard work, we mean our clean design, magical html coding, google stats know-how and the hustle of one Phil Oh.
Right up our alley...
29 Feb 2008
Here is why I love the internet: there is actually a blog about sweet package design. Just a resource of the trends and styles. GOD...FINALLY. I had been just sitting around waiting for this to exist, well, not really, but it's cool.

We at Groundwave haven't yet ventured into the world of package design, but I see it in our future. I have begun to think this, because I can start to see how we would attack the projects that get showcased on the Dieline. I feel a great affinity for some of them and others I think, "oh that's so good, it should have been mine". Read More
22 Feb 2018
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