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15 Apr 2009
Our esteemed colleague and design navigator, Jocelyn K. Glei, just christened the hull on her new website, jkglei.com. Hop on board and share in her personal experience with words and pictures... or just drop her a line.

Question: How many bad boat metaphors is too many?

Burkman Bros. Site Launch
5 Feb 2009
We recently designed and launched a richly-layered website for new fashion label Burkman Bros. We loved their elegantly lived-in Spring/Summer '09 collection, filled with beautiful plaids and oxford-lined shorts, and it's been taking off — with glowing notices from GQ, Details, and DNR. This week, the collection landed at Barneys and apparently it's flying off the racks. Learn more about the site here, and stay tuned for our work on their Fall '09 Lookbook.
New Work: Enter the Owl
6 Oct 2008
It was a busy summer and now we're finally able to show some of the spoils. We wrapped a fun identity development project for the brand new fashion label MN-OH, which you can view here. We also designed and built a vibrant new website for the Park Marino and Park Balboa assisted living homes, which take a wonderfully unique approach to helping folks live independently. Check it out here.

We've got quite a few more projects up our collective sleeve, so stay tuned for more portfolio updates in the near future...
Common Machine Identity = Conquered.
19 May 2008
Common Machine Productions wanted a logo that had a vintage vibe but still felt fresh (because, who doesn't?). We made it happen. See the results, signed, sealed and delivered.
Our JC Report mailer redesign launches!
1 May 2008
The new mailer we designed for the fashion-forward JC Report launched today, and we're feeling very proud of our new baby. JCR wanted to revamp their existing mailer (see here) to create something more stunning and more compact. So that's what we did. View the brand new mailer here. Full disclosure: one of us is also an editor at JCR, but that's what makes it double-awesome.
Oh hello there!
11 Mar 2008
It's been a long time coming, but finally we've had a moment to launch our own site after ages of pushing it to the back burner! So here it is in all it's wonderful glory and we. are. loving it. We're keen to hear what you think, just holler at us.

StreetPeeper, no. 1 on Google search
6 Mar 2008
StreetPeeper is now showing up the no. 1 search result for 'street fashion'. It's nice to see that hard work pay off.

And by hard work, we mean our clean design, magical html coding, google stats know-how and the hustle of one Phil Oh.
22 Feb 2018
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