Quote of the Day: Feb 29
29 Feb 2008
Debra asked if Robyn was Miley Cyrus and Jocelyn and I got mad. I said, "she's cute and British, you have to like her" and then Jocelyn said, "no, she's Swedish."

Then Debra said, "oh I'm Swedish so I like other Swedes."

Then Jocelyn said: "well, your swedar is isn't so sweet" Read More
Right up our alley...
29 Feb 2008
Here is why I love the internet: there is actually a blog about sweet package design. Just a resource of the trends and styles. GOD...FINALLY. I had been just sitting around waiting for this to exist, well, not really, but it's cool.

We at Groundwave haven't yet ventured into the world of package design, but I see it in our future. I have begun to think this, because I can start to see how we would attack the projects that get showcased on the Dieline. I feel a great affinity for some of them and others I think, "oh that's so good, it should have been mine". Read More
Quote of the Day: Feb 25
25 Feb 2008
"Is this why people say 'maybe' when they mean 'yes,' but hope you'll think it's 'no' when all they really mean is, Please, just ask me once more, and once more after that?"

-Call Me By Your Name, André Aciman
Quote of the Day: Feb 22
22 Feb 2008
I was talking to Justin about the snow storm that happened today and he started in on how living in an arctic climate is the safest place from zombies. You see "zombies freeze and then you can snipe them". That's not the quote though, because at the end of the conversation I said "Well, I gotta go grease my sniper rifle" and then he said...wait for it...

"Just remember Jessica, you never have to reload knives."
22 Feb 2018
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