La Lutte Continue!
28 Apr 2008
Most folks in the design community are already aware of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters (and we ourselves have one here in the office), but that's not all that London's KC gallery is up to. They're expanding their collection/inventory of hand-pulled posters all the time, and one of the latest additions is a new poster series inspired by images unearthed from the 1968 Paris uprising, which sees its 40th anniversary next month. Perfect for Mother's Day! (Joking.)
22 Feb 2018
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What's a ground wave, anyway?
A ground wave is one of the most resilient and reliable forms of communication. A low-frequency wave running along the contour of the earth, a ground wave's path is informed by the topography of the environment over which it travels while maintaining the integrity of the information it carries. At Groundwave Design Corp, we believe the design process must take a similar route.
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