Good design does good things.
28 May 2008
A good friend of Groundwave brought our attention to an amazing new organization that's bringing about social change. It's called The Girl Effect. The design is lovely and the cause is quite simply...incredible.

It's great to see design lend itself to such a noble cause and to do it in such a minimal and innovative way. The logo and the accessible typography are my favorites. We're chomping at the bit to do some design work that makes a difference. Read More
Blu Is the New Black
23 May 2008
Last week we were digging this pretty impressive (if only from a strategic planning standpoint) evolution graffiti art. But then that obsession was quickly crushed by this *insane* stop-animation/graffiti video MUTO from South American artist Blu. We're still trying to pick our jaws up off the floor.
Common Machine Identity = Conquered.
19 May 2008
Common Machine Productions wanted a logo that had a vintage vibe but still felt fresh (because, who doesn't?). We made it happen. See the results, signed, sealed and delivered.
Quote of the day: May 14
14 May 2008
Jessica: I hate IE. Truly.
Justin: I agree. But there's a reason why the whole world eats Mcdonalds. It's near-free and on every corner.

I've decided that Justin needs to write a book titled:

I have a metaphor for everything
My mind constructs dioramas for every idea I ever have
by Justin Jewett
Jauna Gaita...
14 May 2008
Now on the inspiration board at GWAV HQ, are the amazing covers of Jauna Gaita (the new course), a Latvian magazine from the 1950s-70s. Most of the covers are quite simply...killer. Minimal, with great movement and shape, I want them all hanging on my wall.

Many thanks to Grain Edit for bringing it to our attention.
I Drink Your Mixtape!
12 May 2008
We made a bangin' new summer jams mix just for you. It's got all kinds of goodies from Hercules & Love Affair, Lykke Li, Nicole Willis, Jamie Lidell, Benga, and on and on. You can listen up here:

We couldn't fit all of the tracks on Muxtape though, so you'll just have to call and say hi if you want the rest!
Our JC Report mailer redesign launches!
1 May 2008
The new mailer we designed for the fashion-forward JC Report launched today, and we're feeling very proud of our new baby. JCR wanted to revamp their existing mailer (see here) to create something more stunning and more compact. So that's what we did. View the brand new mailer here. Full disclosure: one of us is also an editor at JCR, but that's what makes it double-awesome.
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