Loving the Bread Tags as Jewlery
25 Jun 2008
Oh how the simple and seemingly mundane can be flipped on their head...

Check out these bread tags that have been cleverly turned into necklaces and rings by one Melanie Favreau. I am all about them. You know, the plastic bag bread cincheroos.

It looks as though she'll even customize what she puts on it, as in the date or words. I would stick with number though, since it's the most literal and awesome reference. You don't want to clutter up all that minimal genius.

Via Reuben Miller
There's Value in Everything
25 Jun 2008
Painter Adam Neate gives great insight into his creative process and the idea of letting go of your creations once you've made them...

Creating for the act of creation is indeed a great concept.

And learning that there is value in everything you do, is also, quite spot on.

22 Feb 2018
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