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22 Feb 2018
Milking the Rhino Website Design
Kartemquin Films came to GWAV in need of a website design for their new documentary film Milking the Rhino, which would include trailers, clips, screening times, reviews and quotes. The film argues that animal conservation and tourism, if promoted together, can create sustainable living in Africa.

To give web visitors some immediate context, we rooted our design in imagery of the film's breathtaking landscapes, which appear as a backdrop throughout the site to emphasize the importance and beauty of the land. Then, drawing inspiration from the photographs, we selected an earthy color palette consisting of dusty gold, burnt sienna and olive green, and tied everything together with a clean, clear and highly readable navigation.
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What's a ground wave, anyway?
A ground wave is one of the most resilient and reliable forms of communication. A low-frequency wave running along the contour of the earth, a ground wave's path is informed by the topography of the environment over which it travels while maintaining the integrity of the information it carries. At Groundwave Design Corp, we believe the design process must take a similar route.
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