Email Iteration 1
Email Iteration 2 (removal of logo to personalize)
Email Iteration 3: Color Concept (petition template)
Email Iteration 3: Color Concept (call to action template)
Email Iteration 3: Color Concept (donate template)
Email Iteration 4: Final Concept
22 Feb 2018
Workin Email Newsletter Design
Learning of our specialty in newsletters, came to us for a new email design. The liberal-rallying powerhouse needed a fresh take on their look and feel to spur more user engagement and click-thrus. However, because MoveOn has such a broad audience, the constraints were many. The email had to use few-to-no images, flexibly expand to nearly any amount of content, and translate across nearly every single email client. Fortunately, we love a good challenge.

We presented MoveOn with a few different options, all displayed here, to streamline their design and punch up user engagement. MoveOn wanted to maintain its standard letter-like approach, so we ran with it, working within the Dear John layout to present lengthy information in a more skim-friendly format. In order to help MoveOn up reader participation, we emphasized the branding more prominently and gave new weight to calls to action for donations, petitions, etc by blocking them out with simple color and texture treatments. We also incorporated new options for users to "share" their enthusiasm for MoveOn's message via Facebook and other popular sites.
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