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22 Feb 2018
Burkman Brothers Website
Burkman Brothers came to us in need of a website to launch their new menswear label into the world. With a line that fused classic American sportswear with Far East influences, the brothers already had a strong (and very tactile) aesthetic sensibility that needed to be translated from 3-D into the online space. Working together, we designed a richly layered site that takes cues from their ruggedly elegant clothing line and their love of ephemera and far-flung destinations.
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Website Design
What's a ground wave, anyway?
A ground wave is one of the most resilient and reliable forms of communication. A low-frequency wave running along the contour of the earth, a ground wave's path is informed by the topography of the environment over which it travels while maintaining the integrity of the information it carries. At Groundwave Design Corp, we believe the design process must take a similar route.
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