Art Basel Miami Beach Guide
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Art Basel Miami Beach
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25 Feb 2018
Art Basel Miami Beach Guide
In conjunction with Flavorpill, we developed a 72-page guide to the ever-expanding art fair that is Art Basel Miami Beach. The booklet was built and designed from scratch as we worked closely with Flavorpill's editorial team (our own Jocelyn Glei, in this case) to develop a content spec and design a layout that was clear and easy to understand.

We chose a CMYK-inspired color palette of bright yellow, punchy pink, and turquoise blue to match Miami's saturated style, and designed the type on the guide's cover to interlock across booklets so that they would form an eye-catching display. The overall aesthetic of the guide was geared toward opening up the pages' limited space to put the artwork center stage.
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A ground wave is one of the most resilient and reliable forms of communication. A low-frequency wave running along the contour of the earth, a ground wave's path is informed by the topography of the environment over which it travels while maintaining the integrity of the information it carries. At Groundwave Design Corp, we believe the design process must take a similar route.
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